Wayspot approved - Not avilable in game

Hello. I submitted a nomination for the way spot below and it was accepted. The issue is that the poke stop never showed up in the game. It was accepted on August 29th, and today marks 15 days since it was accepted. I've tried sending an email to Niantic but that didn't help at all. I need help. How do I go about getting this resolved?


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    So, a few things here.

    First off, you've clearly read part of your acceptance email, but you either haven't read all of it or you're deliberately ignoring some of it. You must've read the bit about it taking up to 48 hours to appear, but ignored the other part of that sentence that states not all accepted nominations will appear in all Niantic games, which is very important here.

    When you make a submission, you're submitting a wayspot for the Niantic Lightship database. If your nomination is accepted, it immediately gets added to this database, and then from there, each of Niantic's games has their own proximity rules that will determine whether an accepted wayspot makes it into that game or not.

    This wayspot fails both the Ingress and Pokémon Go proximity rule checks, as it's within 20 metres of an existing Portal (the Ingress proximity rule) and in the same level 17 S2 cell as an existing Pokéstop or Gym (the Pokémon Go proximity rule). In both cases it's blocked from showing up in game due to the existence of Metro Fallbrook Bus Facility Memorial.

    You don't get this resolved, it just exists in the database and may get used in other games, or if the memorial ever gets removed from the database, then this may go live in its place.

    With all that being said, you actually got bad reviewers here, as flagpoles aren't meant to be eligible nominations. The nomination should've been rejected for other rejection criteria. I'm not sure why they chose to accept it, but flagpoles have never been inherently eligible submissions, so they probably need to brush up on the criteria.

  • Good morning to you,

    I appreciate the information. I clearly wasn't aware of the Ingress Proximity Rule. Nevertheless, this submission had the Niantic logo to the right of it and apparently was reviewed by many people. I have already done nearly 1k reviews and have seen flags on poles submitted before. Although you state that those should be rejected, I disagree. I believe any object that represents the nation (USA Flag or State Flag) we live in should be considered a monumental object and is worthy of the recognition, and opportunity to be considered a site of attraction. Also, I am wondering if the distance can be adjusted on the nomination. The distance from the flag poles to the other memorial nomination is way above 66 feet (20 meters). If possible, how do I go about get this changed?

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