Abuse Frankfurt

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Please take a look at this place. This cluster is newly created.

from 50.109649,8.68229 to 50.1097,8.682912

This cluster contradicts the 20-meter distance rule in every respect.

@NianticAaron @NianticGiffard @NianticLC

It violates the 20 meter rule. This came about through abuse and bug use in Niantic's own database.

You wonder how? Niantic should have been aware of this bug, but hasn't fixed it to date. Here is an explanation of how the cluster came about:

Each and every one of these Wayspots was submitted to the wrong location in its own free cell. This created Pokestops. Now the Niantic Helpchat has been contacted and the correct location has been proven. Niantic then moves the Wayspot to the correct location. In this case, however, the same 2 mistakes have been made again and again for months: The wayspot does not disappear when moving to an occupied cell and the pokestop remains. In addition, in such cases, the submitters are not punished as far as I have noticed.

I hope that you finally fix this bug, punish the submitter and remove the cluster.



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