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When is the next Criteria Clarification update on the Help section?

Question for @NianticCasey-ING @NianticKN-ING @NIAPooja or whoever might be able to answer this.

The last Criteria Log update was in Feb 2020 (even though it's labelled as Jan 2020). When can we expect to see the next one?

The help page and criteria updates still don't have all the criteria clarifications from the Ingress AMAs, and many clarifications interpreted by @NianticCasey-ING on this forum and the Ingress Forum.

Many people across multiple Wayfarer groups on Facebook, Reddit, Telegram, Discord, etc debate the validity of some of the criteria clarifications because they're not on the Wayfarer site (or because these people don't want people to follow the criteria and just want to have ineligible stops approved/eligible ones denied).

Why is it taking to long to get all the criteria clarifications on the wayfarer site when, and why can't it be a scheduled thing like the Ingress AMAs were?

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