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[French] improperly banned word.

WandHerring-PGOWandHerring-PGO Posts: 139 ✭✭✭✭

The word "bande" is currently banned in French submissions.

While, as a verb, it can indeed mean...being stiff in an inappropriate way, it has many, way more common definitions:

  • As a verb, it can also mean bending or bandaging.
  • As a noun more importantly, it can mean a ****/tape, a lane, a group/gang of people, and many more. For instance, the cartoon DuckTales is called "La bande a Picsou" in French. Likewise, a comic book is called "une bande dessinée". A driving lane is called "une bande de circulation"

You can imagine how banning such an ubiquitous word for one of its lesser used definition is nonsensical. It would be like banning the word "****" because it sometimes means taking your clothes off.

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