Incorrectly reviewing nominations


I just started to review nominations, I have read several times on FB that people are complaining that it takes a long time to get approvals so I was exited when I found out that I could help out with approving. I happily started to go through nominations and have made 128 decisions and have a 71% agreement rate as of now. 

But then I got a unpleasant email, a warning from someone at Niantic that I had been incorrectly reviewing nominations. No info, nothing to what I have done wrong or could do better, just a complaint that I do it wrong. I don't know if I judge to hard or to lax.

It told me to read the guidelines and I kinda feel insulted by it. I very carefully read through the guidelines before starting review and I have been constantly rereading them whenever I have been the slightest unsure on what decision to make. If I still can't do a clear decision I have skipped. Or at least tried to, since you only have a limited amount of skipps and I usually have to use them for when I get nominations in another language that I can't read (just why? I have been forced to use google translate to get pass some nominations). It just feel wrong to send something like this to someone that have just started approving and is trying their best. I was just trying to help out the community on my free time. It completely ruied my day, I'm honest still upset about it and haven't really played Pokemon Go the last days because whenever I log on I get reminded of the email from Niantic and my mood turn sour. Now I'm afraid to keep going through nominations, because I'm afraid there will be consequences for people not agreeing with me in my approvals and that I will get more angry emails.


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