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There was a pokestop next to my house which got turned into a gym after someone placed a fake wayspot near it. Now the fake spot is gone, but the pokestop is still a gym. Anyway this can be changed back if I ask Niantic about this or do I just have to learn to cope with it?

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    I presume the gym is creating noise, arguments etc that you wouldn’t normally expect? You describe having to cope with it. Are people being abusive directly to you?

    Do you think that part of the issue is just the flurry of activity that takes place when a new gym appears and then subsides? Is it a rural area with very little for the players to interact with? Have you asked them to tone things down in an attempt to find a compromise as they may be unaware of any impact.

    Having considered and explored if none of the above are feasible….

    If your home is within 40m of the gym you can contact Niantic giving details of why you would like it removed. I’m not sure if they will just demote the gym to a stop or remove the point entirely.

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    This is a PoGo issue, not a Wayfarer issue.

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