Concrete piles for public works are not suitable, right?

I am troubled by the fact that many people apply for Wayspot for piles that were installed during land acquisition for public works.

In Japan, concrete piles are installed when land is purchased for public works.

These concrete piles are common and are of no cultural value as they are intended to demarcate land acquisitions.

In spite of this, there are many people who falsely claim that concrete piles for civil engineering work are “stone monuments,” and it is difficult to deny them.

Especially in Aichi and Mie prefectures, not only civil engineering concrete piles but also general manholes are approved by Wayspot, and it is spreading to other areas, so we need to be careful.

Concrete piles in civil engineering work are invalid, right?

And what should the community do with the invalid spots that were once released into the wild?


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    Yes. That sounds like easy 1* to me. I would assume local reviewers know they aren't "monuments" and are choosing to ignore criteria when accepting them. If you think reviewers are actually being fooled, posting about them in local forums could educate reviewers and reduce their acceptance.

    Unfortunately, being a poor candidate is not a reason for removal. After they are accepted you can't remove them. If one was accepted with the title "monument", you could try reporting as a fake because it isn't a monument. If it was accepted as "concrete marker", I don't see any removal reason that applies.

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    All I can do now is reject.

    I think the community needs to correct the lies spread by local reviewers in other regions.

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