Abusive player deletes POIs by making duplicate photo.

Hey fellow reviewers!

Our community has been really concerned lately, since for the past couple of days we’ve been experiencing a series of disappearing POI. Apparently a player nicknamed serek1964, seems to be replacing original photos with different ones in order to report them as duplicates. It is a clear abuse and it destroys our community’s hard work of submitting POI’s.

nicknames: serek1964 and Marchessault64. Multiacc on Pokémon GO

City: [Katowice]

Country: [Poland]

POI which has been deleted by him today and screenshots:


Mały plac zabaw na skwerze Kaczmarskiego

Original photo is from POI "Duży Plac Zabaw Na Skwerze Kaczmarskiego". Around 2h ago pokestop "Mały plac zabaw na skwerze Kaczmarskiego" has been deleted. Below good photo:

Graffiti Scerb

50.274742, 18.986723

Original photo

Added photo by serek1964:

Original POI:

Graffiti scerb has been also deleted in-game around 2 hours ago.


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