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"Upgraded" and "Upgrade Next" at the same time

I think I received an upgrade from the wayfarer challange but was unable to apply it. I tried marking an submission as upgrade next and enabled the option to auto upgrade. Nothing seemed to happen at the time but when I looked again a few hours laters the submission is both marked as upgraded and as upgrade next. I hope this won't mean it will eat 2 upgrades as well.

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  • Hey @pepijn77777-PGO, we have reviewed the nomination and it is live as a PokéStop in Pokémon GO. Only one Upgrade has been applied to your nomination. To apply an Upgrade to your desired nomination manually there are two ways:

    1. Apply using the Upgrade Next feature: If you have no Upgrades available, you can select the nomination to be upgraded when an Upgrade is earned. Make sure your auto upgrade is turned off.

    2. Manually Apply Upgrades: You can turn off the automatic application of Upgrades from your Settings page (default setting will be ON) before an upgrade is earned, to manually apply an Upgrade to your desired nomination, make sure there is no nomination applied with Upgrade Next.

    Note: If the auto-upgrade feature is enabled or toggled on and there is a nomination applied with the Upgrade Next feature, it will bypass and apply to the oldest nomination.


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