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Disappeared upgrade

0251Zeehond-ING0251Zeehond-ING Posts: 24 ✭✭✭
edited September 2022 in Report a Bug

I had one upgrade available for a while with the non-automatic apply setting on (hoping it would only be applied to selected upgrade next, but it never applied).

I then got an upgrade for the wayfarer challenge, so I had 2 available.

I then chose to set the non-automatic apply setting off, so my upgrade would be applied to a chosen upgrade next, but instead of one upgrade less, I now have zero. There are no other nominations with an upgrade which are on hold, in queue or in voting and every upgraded nomination up until now I now I upgraded before. So there are no new upgraded nominations, but redeemed upgrade have also gone up by 2.

Please look into this, since it isn't good if hard work is kind of getting denied this way by sort of deleting an upgrade.

*Addition* I also did not receive another email apart from the one I had marked as upgrade next, so if it got applied it should be on hold/in queue/in voting.

Device/OS: it is not related to a phone or computer, but the wayfarer platform.

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