The little Park that could!

Hello all, I have been trying to nominate this submission of a poi for a park but get other rejection, poor quality photo and private residence. I’ve tried a few different times and assumed over time if reviewers were learning from my supporting info this would eventually get approved. But alas here I am making one last attempt to get help and direction on this poi submission. Please take a look and provide any help or criticism as you see fit.


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    Hello and welcome @Stentorious-PGO

    Keep trying !

    But I think with a different approach.

    I had a look on Google Maps.

    Do remember each time it is likely to be a fresh set of reviewers

    The bench at the entrance looks as though it may be unique with an artistic interpretation of Shawnee Hills. Is it a one off that commissioned as opposed to off the shelf. If it is then you could focus on that bench. Emphasis should be on the unique artistic nature and a place to sit and chat. A really nice photo get the lighting just right. Supporting info that shows it’s public nature.

    As someone based in the U.K. we have public plots mixed in with private housing but I understand there may be difficulties in the USA. It does look like a plot that is separate from those either side. I’m guessing the natural pond might have made building tricky. It looks more clearly defined along edges on satellite view but on streetview the side fencing appears missing. So although fenced and gated at front it looks like you can just walk round the sides.

    I appreciate that the sign you are using is the only one there but it emphasises the danger. Phrases like small/micro instantly make it seem unimportant. So it needs to emphasise the positives. A nature park, a communal green space.

    Don’t mention Pokémon Go

    As it is provided by the local community could you approach them either for a proper sign at the entrance or better still an information board next the pond about the wildlife and perhaps history of the area. If you have something inside the park make a photosphere.

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