(Repeat) Request for removal of incorrect photo

I requested removal of this photo and it was supposedly removed by Niantic, but almost a year later the photo is still in Ingress so I'm resubmitting this request. Previous thread: https://community.wayfarer.nianticlabs.com/discussion/21648/remove-wrong-photo-due-to-wayfarer-submission-incorrectly-tagged-as-duplicate#latest

Title of the Wayspot: Gazebo near the Playground

Location: 1.368647, 103.859733

City: Singapore

Country: Singapore

Screenshot of the Rejection Email: N/A

Photos to support your claim:

The photo that needs to be removed as it's for a different gazebo located in the same park:

That photo is for a wayspot that's now live as "Gazebo near the Field", both are shown in the photo below to prove they aren't duplicates:

Additional information: The photo was originally added to the wrong wayspot when reviewers had incorrectly marked the Wayfarer submission for the second gazebo as a duplicate. The second wayspot has now been accepted on appeal, so the same photo appears on both wayspots.



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