how to nominate a spot

how do i nominate a place to become a pokestop or gym?

there are a few people where i live that play but we all have to drive thirty minutes to town to get to them and there are a few spots in my area that could be good spots for them..


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    Once you reach level 37, you unlock the ability to take the Wayfarer test in order to demonstrate that you know the basics of the Wayfarer system, and once you pass that test you can start to submit and review wayspots (and note that you are submitting wayspots rather than Pokéstops or Gyms - there's no guarantee your submissions will get used in Pokémon Go, but I'll get to that below).

    The button for new submissions is in the middle of the in game settings menu. Once you tap on it, you'll get a map that shows a red pin. This can be moved if you're not exactly on the object your nominating. Additionally, this map will show you any existing wayspots nearby (the radius it shows is around 100 metres from the location you're currently stood at), with blue Pokéstop icons representing the wayspots that are used in Pokémon Go, and orange Wayfarer icons representing the wayspots that aren't in Pokémon Go. You can tap on these icons to bring up the title and picture of the wayspot in question.

    Once you have the red pin placed correctly, you can press the confirm button and it'll ask for a picture of what you're submitting. You can either take one in Pokémon Go right there and then, or you can use an existing image from your gallery (just make sure it's an image that you took yourself and that it isn't third party). Some Android devices crash when trying to take the photo in Pokémon Go, so I usually tend to take the photos beforehand using my regular camera app on my phone and then use the existing photo option.

    Next you get asked to take a supporting photo. This again can be done in app or using an existing image from your gallery. The supporting image should show your nomination in the context of its surroundings. If it's something that isn't visible on Google Street View or satellite view, then you should try to make sure the supporting photo shows something that is recognisable on Google Maps in order to help reviewers verify your nomination is in the right place.

    After this you get asked to enter a title and a description for your nomination. These shouldn't reference any Niantic games or Wayfarer, they literally should just be what the nomination is called, and a bit of information about it.

    Then you get asked to categorise your nomination with up to 3 tags. Just be aware, this list of categories is not an eligibility list. There are things that are not eligible to be submitted listed in this section as well as things that are eligible.

    After that you get to type a supporting statement. This should explain which of the eligibility criteria you are submitting your nomination under and why you think it meets this criteria.

    After that you can choose to upload the nomination immediately or save it for later when you get back home and are on WiFi.

    Once submitted you'll get an email confirming they received your nomination, and it'll be visible on your Wayfarer contributions tab. It'll start as in queue, then go into voting (usually by other Wayfarer reviewers but sometimes it'll be by Niantic themselves, which is indicated by the Niantic logo next to the text that says in voting), and then it'll either get accepted, rejected or marked as a duplicate after enough people have voted on it and reached a consensus.

    If it's accepted it gets added to the Niantic Lightship database, and then from there it may sync into Niantic games if it passes their proximity checks. Each game has a rule that determines whether a new wayspot can sync into that game based on how close it is to other wayspots which are already in the game in question. For Pokémon Go you want to look up level 17 S2 cells on Google and you'll find a guide which explains more. For Ingress the only requirement is that a new wayspot is not within 20 metres of an existing portal. Other games have other rules as well.

    Each game syncs from the database once per day, so an accepted nomination can take up to 48 hours to appear.

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    if you find a few potential places, you can post a photo and we can comment if it looks likely or not.

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