How can I check if there is a duplicate in another game?

I recently submitted a location in Pokémon Go and it was declined as a duplicate. In Go the only pokestop nearby is an invalid, different statue that was moved years ago and I flagged it as removed. When I submitted in-game from the actual location it didn't warn me about anything else there.

My submission came back as a duplicate. I was wondering if there is any way to look at the Wayfarer map before submitting, or even afterward, I'm curious what it thinks is there.

It's not surprising someone else submitted it--it is a major piece of sculpture--but I wouldn't have wasted my time if I had been able to tell it was in the database already.

How do I check to see if the way point exists already, or update an existing one?


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    If you have an Ingress account, you can use the intel map. It doesn't show you all the wayspots in the Lightship database, but it does show a lot of them, including this one (albeit they have it titled as Bending Light). I'll link to it, but you need an Ingress account to be able to view the link.

    You should be able to see existing wayspots on the map when you're placing the pin for your submission, assuming you're physically stood where you're submitting (it shows all wayspots within around 100 metres of your physical location, so if you were further away than that you might not have been able to see it), with blue Pokéstop icons representing things that are in Pokémon Go and orange Wayfarer pins representing things that aren't in Pokémon Go. This feature can be toggled off at the top corner of the map though, so maybe you accidentally had it disabled?

    Looking at the map, if this isn't appearing in Pokémon Go it's because the level 17 S2 cell is already occupied by "Enter to Grow in Wisdom".

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