Removed 2x by Business/Property Owner but New Submissions Approved

We have a local business park which has had two separate removal requests to Niantic, first for all PokeStops in 2019, and then again for all waypoints (specifically for Ingress) about 3 months ago. Since then two previously removed portals have been resubmitted and accepted as Portals and PokeStops. Security on-site has asked what additional recourse can be done short of legal action since they have sent two requests that have been received and processed by Niantic already. Anyone had this issue happen before, and have any suggestions on what can be done?

Title of the Wayspot: Parmer Cafe Breaktime Gazebo

Location: 30.458233, -97.751272

City: Austin, Texas

Country: USA

Title of the Wayspot: Three Rangers

Location: 30.459899, -97.750213

City: Austin, Texas

Country: USA


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    They could request a geoblock for the area from Niantic.

    This would mean even if Wayspots got approved they would not appear in the area.

    It can be applied on a game by game basis (as I have seen before) where only Portals appear but not PokéStops or they can request that Niantic just do a full block on anything appearing.

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