Report invalid Wayspots (Various cities, South Korea)

Common items for all invalid Wayspots

  • Country: South Korea (Republic of Korea)

In this post, I report 10 invalid Wayspots.

  • No.1-3 : fake Wayspot
  • No.4-10 : ineligible


Title of the Wayspot: 벽화

Location: 36.334802,127.3932

City: Daejeon

Reason: The location where this Waypot was submitted does not have a mural identical to the one in this Wayspot photo. There are several mural streets around, but the same location as the background for this Wayspot photo has not been found. There is no mural that are exactly same as the mural in Wayspot photo, too.

As you can see from the placement of other Wayspots around this Wayspot, this Wayspot has been deliberately submitted to current location. Other Wayspots around this Wayspot have the same submitter, too.

You can explore surrounding mural streets using the Kakao Map Road View. The areas painted in yellow are mural streets. But there is no mural that are exactly same as the mural in Wayspot photo.


Title of the Wayspot: 운동시설

Location: 35.989698,127.049731

City: Iksan

Reason: The photo was taken from 220m away. It is duplicate with another Wayspot that located at (35.991465,127.050795).


Title of the Wayspot: 부경양돈공원 놀이터

Location: 35.314392,128.869812

City: Gimhae

Reason: just by looking at the satellite imagery, you can tell it's fak. The photo was taken from 2.53km away. It is duplicate with another Wayspot that located at (35.328341,128.847755).

This fake Wayspot was recently created. This is the 3rd time this Wayspot submitter has created fake Wayspots on this place using multiple accounts.

  1. Wayspot No.3 and No.4 in Discussion #34836
  2. Wayspot No.1 in Discussion #35554
  3. Now this


Title of the Wayspot: 효자 유치원

Location: 37.375859,127.13444 

City: Seongnam

Reason: The photo was taken at 81m away. And, as the title of Wayspot says, this is a kindergarten.


Title of the Wayspot: 파랑새와 별

Location: 37.552948,126.862301

City: Seoul

Reason: Elementary school walls


Title of the Wayspot: 꽃 벽화

Location: 37.552729,126.861958

City: Seoul

Reason: Same as above.


Title of the Wayspot: 해태

Location: 35.991012,127.055755

City: Iksan

Reason: Elementary school walls


Title of the Wayspot: 성락원 단지 안내도

Location: 35.815144,128.778588

City: Gyeoungsan

Reason: This place is where you use the private security service. See Naver Street View. The octagonal ADT mark stands for private security company. Only authorized people are allowed in.

"성락원" is a nursing facility for the disabled. Horrifyingly, it has been reported the disabled are being abused.


Title of the Wayspot: 어린이 놀이터

Location: 35.316947,128.256869

City: Uiryeong

Reason: Playgound in a daycare center


Title of the Wayspot: 사상 어린왕자 벽화

Location: 35.160022,128.986541

City: Busan

Reason: Elementary school walls


Please remove Wayfarer permissions from some accounts that submitted Wayspots.


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