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Intentional Typo?

This one popped out just now. This is a sign of local soccer field..., but its title has made me think twice.

Its title is supposed to be "Lapangan Sepakbola Warungangkang" (Warungangkang Soccerfield), but this submitter somehow replaced the "S" letter with dollar sign, "$". I didn't really know the reason, but nearby Wayspots (in the Check the Duplicate section) surprising me a lot:

There are two Wayspots that are mosques, and I think this submitter nominated both of them too, and replaced both "a" letter in "Hidayah" and "Barokah" word with address sign, "@". Not to mention I found that both Wayspots photo are directly taken from Google Street View, but that's different case.

So, would this intentional typo in the title and description still acceptable, or count as abuse?

Thank you.


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