Location edit over 10 meters - Nedre Svarttjern stikryss

Title of the Wayspot: Nedre Svarttjern stikryss

Location: 59.808894,10.183182

City: Lier

Country: Norway

Screenshot of the Rejection Email: It is over 10 meters, so I can't suggest a new location via the app. I have, however, used the form multiple times to try to edit the wayspot, but nothing has happened (in well over a year).

Additional information: I nominated this wayspot in August 2020. Due to GPS not updating correctly when I opened the game to submit the nomination, it ended up in the wrong place (randomly along the path that I had walked previously). I have uploaded a photosphere at the correct location, which is 59.8138652,10.1822561 (link).


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