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Wayfarer account reset

Hello team,


I created a request to delete my ingress account later when I open my wayfare account all my data is been reset to zero.

Everything is lost. All my 45+ nominations my wayfarer rating and upgrades are lost.

I saw you replying to one person who has similar issue a year back saying this problem will be addressed.

I Don't know from when people are facing this problem but since a year i think you got no time to look into this bug.

please understand the game doesn't develop itself. it's people who are contributing. can't understand why are you not solving this problem. So, you want people to understand that you don't about users and their contributions.

you should have atleast notified or asked for an acknowledgment before going to delete my ingress account.

I know the chat system and ticket system is all a coverup. Noone is going to reply me.

Do you know how hard it is nominate 45 + nominations by going outside in India.

If you really care about users. help me get my stats back. thank you.

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