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Upgrades in nominations not working

I recently upgraded some "in voting" nominations, which have been already a couple of months without being resolved. Nevertheless, I applied an upgrade to a "in queue" nomination, which resolved in less than a week. So, from my point of view, it seems that upgrades in "in voting" nominations are not working at all, which is very annoying after all the reviewing to get the upgrades for nothing.

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  • Hi @MrAvogato-PGO, the time required for your submission to go to voting and be reviewed may be affected by the number of reviewers in your community and the backlog of submissions. This means we can not give you an exact timeline. Having said that, this submission will be prioritized over others since it has been upgraded. However, it may get more delayed if you make any changes to the submission, it may get pushed down the queue or your nominations require an additional round of review to ensure they're not abusive. This also applies to an Upgraded nomination. Please wait for some time and you should see the status change eventually.


  • kawin240-INGkawin240-ING Posts: 697 Ambassador

    @NianticOren You just showed with your answer that you don't know how the wayfarer system works from a user perspective. Here are a few things that you got wrong:

    -The backlog of submissions is usually skipped by upgrading, it should have been resolved already in around a week unless there truly are not enough reviewers, but MrAvogato told you that other nominations did get resolved normally, so you completely ignored what they said.

    This also means that you got the timeline thing wrong, as mentioned should be no later than a week after upgrading to get something resolved unless you're in an area without reviewers, e.g. the sahara desert as only a few people live there permanently in some of the bearable spots - and even less have access to wayfarer.

    -It's not possible to edit an upgraded nomination, that is the biggest error you did here. The wayfarer system doesn't allow that, it's only possible to edit a submission that is still labeled as "In Queue". MrAvogato told you that all stuck nominations are labeled as upgraded and in voting, so you got that very wrong too.

    The only thing you got right here is, if MrAvogatos nominations were reported for abuse over and over again, then they might be delayed so much.

    You should get in touch with your co-workers, bosses or whoever looks after you and get informed about what is esentailly part of your job. If they have told you to answer like this, ask them why they lied to you.

    A good compensation to OP would be to look at their situation again, and investigate why their upgraded nominations are still not resolved.

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