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Are Fire Pits Passable? Are Eagle Projects Passable? Are Eagle Projects that are Fire Pits Passable?

Normally I wouldn't ask how to make a submission better, but being that it seems close to impossible to get things through the system right now I think I need the help PLUS I am curious on the thoughts of everyone else.

The submission is basically a fire pit area at a church that was built as an eagle scout project (stone pit, benches to sit on, and two other near by eagle projects built to make access to said fire pit area by sidewalk and walking bridge). So as far as I can tell there actually is no ruling on fire pits but being that it has some history behind and being that the church helped make this happen and it's specific purpose was to have a gathering area, I would think it is passable.

However, it currently failed review for the following reasons (in my opinion, lazy reviewing):

Here is the photo of the fire pit:

Here is some Google Maps stuff for verification:

The bridge and sidewalk were specifically built for the church members to have easier access to the fire pit area.

The below is my supporting details picture that shows the bridge (to the left of the shed) in view from the fire pit area. Along with these details of the fire pit: "This is a separate eagle project of 3 (done by 3 separate boy scouts). The information on this pit is at the bottom of the firepit however is covered up with coal currently. The church uses this area for community gatherings and events."

I would think this would be passable but I'm unsure at this point and I am curious on what others think.

**Just for reference, I know this is an eagle project as I helped build this (and the bridge is actually my eagle project). I believe I can dig up some info on this if I need to include it in the submissions supporting details.


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