Invalid Wayspot Appeal : Research center, private access

Title of the Wayspot: La Parabole


City: Montpellier

Country: France

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Photos to support your claim:

Additional information:

It's a parabola located in the IRSTEA research center, closed to the public. 

On the access gates is written "Private property. No entry" ("propriété privée, défense d'entrer"), with surveillance cameras.

I had to break in to access it, and a security man asked me what I was doing there and told me it was not a public access.

On maps (see my screenshot), the whole site is framed by a fence and the only accesses are with barriers (red rectangles), while this kind of parabola is in the center inaccessible.

I request the removal of this waypost.

Another portal at the entrance of the site, completely legit, will serve for the poi of this research center (,3.873737&z=18&pll=43.645058,3.873737).



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