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    Recharge keys (free AP on the ground!), give good pictures thumbs up if needed, submit pictures or edits if needed, delete small bursters, get out keys I'll need at the next portal, check my Qcaps and Kcaps...

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    I did try DracARys...but nope on that.

    However if you're interested in training your dragon, might I suggest Dreamworks Dragons: Rise of Berk for either iOS or Android devices, where you can train and collect over 500 Dragons from the franchise?

    Okay, Community Ambassador role for that game done for today...

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    to be fair, if they had to do hello and goodbye posts that would double the amount of forum posts the average wayfarer employee gets to make before they're fired.

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    We would also see the true turnover and attrition rate of staff which they’ll want to keep under wraps.

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    The Pokemon GO Lead Community Manager tweeted this.

    For the Pokemon GO team to also be understaffed too, I guess understaffing is natural in Niantic's eyes. No doubt the Wayfarer team is severely understaffed too. Look at their silence now. They close other threads but don't respond to this one.

    I don't really know what Tintino's role is anymore, since he only rears his head when it comes to announcing things, and then replying to a handful of random things a few hours afterwards, before vanishing to the next announcement.

    Wayfarer should be driven by the community, led by the community.

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    I think that is a good summary.

    I can only speculate on the situation as there is a brick wall between the community of volunteer workers and what goes on at Niantic. I do get the impression ( not just from wayfarer) that the company, as the old saying goes, knows the cost of everything and the value of nothing.

    I do feel for the paid staff, as it must be stressful and they must be overworked.

    No doubt comment threads may add to the stress as I’m sure they can see and understand the issues but find there is not much they can do and no doubt there is an edict from above that you don’t engage in these sorts of conversations. And they also must have that very human reaction of why should I put my head above the parapet and face the extra stress of taking the fall for issues I can do little about.

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    There's a huge thread on Reddit right now expressing the same issues. I might Tweet these 2 threads together since that seems to be the only thing Niantic reads.

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    Do you mind also adding a link to the Reddit thread here? Aware it may be on a Pokémon GO subreddit and there’s approximately a bajillion of those so tricky to find some info there.

  • SeaprincessHNB-PGOSeaprincessHNB-PGO Posts: 1,550 Ambassador

    This is specifically about how unhappy PGO players are right now but it's more than the typical complaints, IMO. It's very similar in feel to this thread. Just about how people are worn out with poor decisions and are ready to leave if they haven't already.

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    Niantic: We're going to build a database of real-life locations that can be used not only by us, but will be offered to other game-makers.

    Also Niantic: We don't have the resources to manage the process of building a real-life location database.

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    And you can imagine that they already skimp out on a lot of basic things. Imagine if they were the ones actively submitting and reviewing stuff 😂😂😂

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    The issue is beyond the Wayfarer staff. Niantic are just terrible at managing things and are surviving currently only because they have access to the Pokemon IP, which prints money and never goes out of style. The day Nintendo has enough of the bad publicity from Niantic's mismanagement of their IP is the day this company collapses entirely.

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    Noone has ever seen anything that Niantic makes money out of besides Pokemon Go.

    Noone really knows if Niantic earns a Nickle or Dime on the Database WE created.

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    A couple of years ago I read a Pokémon Go Hub interview with a former Niantic employee that said to go read what staff say about the company on Blind. If you haven’t checked it out, you should. It’ll shatter your illusions of optimism pretty quickly.

    The shortcomings of Niantic’s management were hidable behind a successful game and a recovering economy, for a time. But things are bad in tech across the board right now, and Niantic suddenly finds themselves with the staff and budget of a smallish startup, customer expectations of a successful business, and the adaptability of a midsize government in a budget crunch.

    I honestly believe they will sell off either their video game development or AR dreams in the near future, and the fan service afterthought that Wayfarer has always been will formally become a mirage in the company rearview. I’ve watched it happen with my favorite games before, it’ll happen again, and it could easily happen here.

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    I could certainly see them closing off submissions for a time to allow them to catch up and “tidy up” the game boards.

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    And just like that, an entire thread which highlights the pain points of Wayfinders that they feel on a regular basis is closed and Otostar (or anyone at Niantic really) fail to acknowledge anything else said in that thread.

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    I think the pogo/ingress thing is born of how the ingress community had developed a defacto sub community to handle the gap from Niantic. We had furious debates on what constitutes a poi and what doesn't. Defacto standards that we taught each other because Niantic hadn't given clearer instructions.

    Then Pokemon (who weren't also ingress people) came.

    ....and they should have!!! We need pogo people and love the new POIs they bring !!!!

    Yet Niantic and onboarding pogo people didn't understand how the ingress community had built defacto standards to ease the cognitive load of what was eligible or not.

    Pogo people naturally didn't want to join another games forum to learn the defacto standards

    If I could go back in time I would have engaged my pogo community earlier like when OPR started and create a whole local Niantic cross game forum and include everyone. And go systematically suburb by suburb adding all the POIs ... Or better yet get a group together from pogo and ingress players to sign off on a whole bunch of triple checked poi data and just upload straight into the database - avoiding wayfarer all together.... Leaving wayfarer for the casual nominator.

    I love these Niantic games we play. I am a true believer that they encourage people go outside and walk ... Too many POIs are not in the system yet. Too many people live with no walkable ingame poi where there are real world POI waiting to be added.

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