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Information board accepts that it not in Ingress

I placed an order for a Waystop from the information board of Zambujeiro which was accepts on the Wayfarer and which is visible in Pokemon Go but it is not visible in Ingress. Close to the location of the information board of Zambujeiro there is, for example, the chapel of Zambujeiro.


Information board of Zambujeiro: 40.272293,-8.625241

Chapel of Zambujeiro: 40.272418,-8.625194

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  • Hi @007Jorginho-PGO, this is working as intended. Each game has their own set of criteria for this step, so some nominations may be accepted into one game but not another. The most common reason that an eligible nomination is not added to Ingress Prime is because the nomination is too close to the existing Portals. If an existing game location is removed or the criteria changes, the Wayspot may appear at a later time.


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