More rejection detail needed

Compared to other wayspots I've seen as pokestops, my nominations are good and keep getting rejected. I have nominated places among my local bike/walking trail, perfect for exercise. They meet the criteria. The explanation says "Other rejection criteria". If a voter gets to reject my nomination they should have to write 100 character paragraph why. It takes me forever to earn the upgrades to get my spots even considered and I work hard to be fair and I feel like that fairness is not being shared in this voting community.



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    You're right. Niantic is astoundingly lacking in documentation.

    Originally, reviewers could just hit 1* and be done. Took a year for Niantic to make reviewers select a reason. Took another year to convince them that the reason/s should be communicated to the noninator. But they've never tried to create rejection reasons to match the criteria, OR to word things the same to reviewers as in the email to the nominator.

    "Other Rejection Criteria" means reviewers thought your nomination didn't meet any of the criteria of socialize, explore, or exercise.

    If you'll share your text and pictures here your fellow reviewers and nominators will be glad to help figure out what could be improved.

    Good luck.

    PS You can't compare to existing Wayspots. Some were created when the rules were different, or were passed incorrectly more recently. Compare only to Niantic help pages.

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    For what it's worth, there is a box for people to type in when selecting that reason. It's just that anything that is typed in there never gets shown to the submitter, and likely for good reason - I can only imagine some of the expletive filled statements that some reviewers type in that box, knowing that it won't be read by the submitter.

    You should let us see your nominations. If you're taking screenshots of them, upload them using the paperclip icon, or they'll get sent into moderator review.

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    "Compared to other wayspots I've seen as pokestops" is not the best way to think about submissions.

    Some of the wayspots in the games are ten years old, and the criteria have changed a lot over that time. There are plenty of things in the games that wouldn't be acceptable under the current criteria, and there are still plenty getting approved that don't meet the current criteria. Niantic does a bad job of communicating in general, but your best bet is to start by reading Niantic's documentation about acceptance and rejection criteria.

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