Why do nominations only use Google Maps instead of the in-game maps?

Sorry if this is an old question, I'm new here!

I live in a rural area with lots of nature trails which I'm trying to add pokestops to. A few have been rejected due to "inaccurate location," which, after having reviewed a bunch of nominations myself, I realize is probably because there is no way to verify the location on the map. There is no street view here -- it's literally in the middle of the woods!

If you could see the in-game map, however, it contains trails that don't appear in Google Maps, which could be used to (at least somewhat) verify that the wayspot is where my GPS says it is (at the junction of 2 trails, for example).

I'm curious why Wayfarer DOESN'T use the map that appears in the actual games during the submission process. Is this something people have asked them to add?


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