Can we remove all #MissionsForGood Wayspots?

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I know that they don't meet the removal criteria and many won't even know what they are.

Way back in 2014, Ingress was looking to try and be charitable and encouraged agents to do the recently launched Missions feature to do some #MissionsForGood and donate whilst playing the game.

There is some information here -

The Google+ post is gone but see the Facebook one below from 8th December 2014;

Create #MissionsForGood to support local charities, and together we can spread XM and goodwill. We’ve been inspired by Agents organizing Cross-Faction events to raise funds for local charitable organizations and coordinate food drives. Verified Agents Level 8 and above: Create a mission at using Portals at or nearby your local charities, like food banks and donation centers, and include the #MissionsForGood hashtag in your mission title. You can use the following image as your Mission Medal: (Google+ link broken)

While out hacking, we encourage you to donate cans of food or new and gently-used clothing. If there are no nearby Portals to use in your mission, submit a new Portal for your local charitable organization and include the #MissionsForGood hashtag in your Portal description. Happy hacking.


That last section has led to some confusion when new Agents/Trainers/Wayfarers see these 1,816+ (there are a few marked #MissionForGood instead) and think that something like it can be eligible when I doubt these all meet Explore/Exercise/Social criteria.

Maybe a bit extreme to remove all but I would think any that are still eligible (such as the church in the image) could be re-nominated and be a lot better than they were in 2014.


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