Appeal of appeal - Attempt #2

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Hi @NianticLC  

On the basis of your overturn here I'd like to ask for some consistency and clarification from my previous thread that got shot down, despite the community rallying behind me against Aaron (yeah his dislike ratio on that post kinda speaks for itself)

Previous thread: - All the information is there, so I'm not gonna re-type it here.

Questions I would like a response to:

1) Aaron made it clear Niantic don't overturn the appeals decision and I should resubmit - Okay, I'm willing to take that face value, however you've just overturned another in the above thread there, please can you explain why? were you wrong to overturn it as Aaron says it should be resubmitted? or was Aaron wrong in my previous thread, in which case why was he allowed to make that decision? is it just a coin flip of whichever staff posts to a thread and whatever mood they are in on a random day?

1a) Aaron says "We are unable to review this appeal again" - Clearly you are able to, you've just demonstrated it in the above thread, please can you explain this wording?

2) Aaron says I should improve my submission, however the description box is character limited to 512 characters, I LITERALLY cannot improve it if the system doesn't allow me to, so as a workaround to that, I asked for Redacted length descriptions and never got a response from Aaron or anyone else, so I'm asking here - I need to improve my submission, however I can't due to the character length cap, so please can I have Scanner Redacted back for just a moment so I can resubmit it with several paragraphs of characters?

2a) On the basis that #2 is never gonna happen due to the engine Redacted runs on being retired, please can you explain how improvement is possible if the system doesn't allow for it? is there like some super secret button you can press to give me 3000 characters limit for the description, same as the supporting has?

I would preferably like question #1 answered more than #2 purely for consistency and transparency as it seems random more than anything.

Thank you.


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