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In a village near here, a new playground was built next to the sports field some time ago. So I didn't hesitate and submitted this as a new Wayspot. To make it easy for the raters to determine the location, I took an additional photo with a geotag. So you can easy verify the location, you can also see the soccer goals of the sports field in the background. Unfortunately, the reviewers I got were absolutely incompetent and rejected the proposal on the grounds that the location did not match.

So I didn't hesitate and appealed the rejected proposal. It took several months, but today I finally got an answer to my appeal - and had to realize that I had come across incompetent raters again.

Niantic's reviewers rejected my proposal, but this time as a duplicate. The question that arises was this: As a duplicate of what?

The answer is really disappointing: the playground was rejected as a duplicate of the sports field. I do not know if I should laugh or cry.

My Nomination in English:

Title: Playground Weisdin

Location: 53.39925,13.108782

Description: Playground

Additional information: New playground in the village of Weisdin. Additional photo with geotag for location verification


The Wayspot from the sports field:

Title: Sportplatz Weisdin

Location: 53.399398,13.108529



Can you please remove the photo of the playground at the sports field and have the appeal also reviewed correctly?! Or are playgrounds now the same as sports fields?


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