Codename B4 - yes, Niantic, you won. This is my last report

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Because you keep rejecting my comment, please consider this thread as a continuation of this post:


I realize that the abuse of someone using the codename B4 is so serious that it has paralyzed the entire Wayfarer team for over three weeks, and your colleagues run around Niantic in shock, wondering what to do, of course during the breaks between extraordinary conference. But maybe you should just go ahead and do something? I will even make your task easier and give you a few possible solutions: deleting the B4 codenames from Wayspot titles and banning the Wayfarer account permanently and in the game (PGO / ING) of all users who have ever used this codename.

I'll get to the point, today I saw few more new Wayspots codenamed B4. Abuser still goes unpunished, and you don't do anything about it.




Title of the Wayspot: Działkowy Plac Zabaw na B4.

Location: 50,0653810, 21,9887660

City: Rzeszów

Country: Poland


Additional Information:

The player's codename "na B4." in the title of Wayspot. The reason for the fact that this code name can be found, for example, here: and


Title of the Wayspot: Tygrys Malowany na B4.

Location: 50,0614660, 21,9885320

City: Rzeszów

Country: Poland


Additional information: The player's codename "na B4." in the title of Wayspot.


Title of the Wayspot: Bar "Na Wspólnej" przy ul. Wspólnej na B4.

Location: 50,0583280, 21,9903530

City: Rzeszów

Country: Poland


Additional information:

The player's codename "na B4." in the title of Wayspot.


Title of the Wayspot: Żabka café na B4.

Location: 50,0610810, 21,9852190

City: Rzeszów

Country: Poland


Additional information:

The player's codename "na B4." in the title of Wayspot. Moreover, Żabka is nothing more than a well-known Polish chain store. It's an ordinary grocery store, also offering snacks such as coffee or hotdog. As you know, chain stores do not qualify according to the criteria, which proves that the code name B4 serves to influence reviewers. - here you can find confirmation that Żabka is an ordinary chain store, the official website of the store informs that there are almost 9,000 of them in Poland.


Title of the Wayspot: Pizzeria Cilento na B4.

Location: 50,0617090, 21,9848740

City: Rzeszów

Country: Poland


Additional information:

The player's codename "na B4." in the title of Wayspot.

Please remove the codename "na B4." from the titles of these Wayspots (no. 18-22 and comment in link above) and take action against the Wayfinders.

I don't need your answer, literally at the time of posting this thread, I'm finally parting with your f*cking games.


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