State Survey Markers, Picnic Tables and Other.

Hey guys. Help me understand something here please.



Lately I've seen a BOOM of these in the game, and in Wayfarer reviewing. 1). I wish to know why these are suddenly acceptable. 2). What makes them unique as they are literally everywhere. 3). Why is it when I submit one, its rejected under following reasons (Natural Feature, Other).

How? What? If they're acceptable, why reject? Makes no sense. Unless there is a conflict of what is deemed acceptable. Can someone please explain.

I've been submitting and voting for a few years now. I have an 80% success rate. My Wayfarer rating is "Great", so I know what I am doing. I don't submit things unless I know at high certainty that it is deemed acceptable, and I don't accept things unless I know for sure they meet all the criteria. Only reason I don't have a perfect success rate would be because some voters on Wayfarer have no clue it seems or are just not paying proper attention to what it is they are reviewing. I have appealed twice so far, and I am still waiting for results.

I am gobsmacked with the current state of what people are submitting, and I am shocked to see what is deemed acceptable get rejected for ridiculous reasons. Sorry for the rant, I am frustrated. I want this game to grow and be beneficial for everyone everywhere, but it feels like Niantic doesn't care anymore and, it feels like there are player coordination's going on too. I say that because recently a Hungry Jacks has become a Pokestop. Hungry Jacks is a Fast Food Chain. Last I checked, they are deemed ineligible. What is going on?

Kind Regards, TheWarpath89.


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    Survey markers are an inherited thing, from the old Ingress/OPR days. They've been sort of grandfathered in, and are mentioned in the Criteria challenge (

    Picnic tables (at least those permanently placed) are also mentioned in the Criteria Challenge as eligble.

    If they are being rejected, the reviewers probably don't know about that they are now considered ok. But strange rejections have always been a part of this.

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    Please see this post regarding picnic tables:

    The other clarification about survey marks in the criteria challenge was negative and moved to generally reject them, but the example provided was very poor. As such, most reviewers/submitters disregarded as such.

    The Hungry Jacks in South Nowra is so freshly approved I don't even know what's going on. I didn't see it in the last two/three weeks so it definitely would have evaded regular reviewing, potentially via Niantic from an appeal or an expedited false approval (they occur from so-called "trigger words", do a search on the forums about them.

    It seems you got something recently rejected causing this frustration. You could ask for feedback in the nomination improvement section for vindication against the ridiculous reasons.

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    Hi @TheWarpath89-PGO

    I don't think it's a case of Niantic caring or not. They are a business unwilling to invest the time or resources into fixing or improving any of their products :)

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    Thank you for taking the time to respond. I still firmly believe Picnic Tables are not unique enough as there are usually nothing that special about them. But if they fall under "Social interactions" then I will stop rejecting them. Doesn't mean I agree with them being suitable criteria for a POI or Way-point.

    The Hungry Jacks in South Nowra was indeed what I was referring to. I highly suspect that was a coordinated Pokestop. I myself didn't even get a chance to review it, and I usually see everything down here in the Shoalhaven area.

    As for my most recent rejected Nomination, it was indeed a Survey Marker. I will be nominating it again now that I know they are deemed acceptable. I would have appealed it, but no option was available. So I'll just resubmit it.

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    Thank you everyone who took the time to read my questions, and answered appropriately.

    Also, thank you for dealing with my ranting and sharing very helpful information.

    Much appreciated.

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    The survey markers you see everywhere are not eligible/acceptable, the ones on top of mountains and such are. This has always been the case, but people try to manipulate the interpretation to get the generic ones accepted so there are more PokeStops.

    NianticTintino's post says:

    Survey markers… of course they came up hehe So these were also heavily discussed by the team. While we understand that these are super generic in some parts, in others, they are very unique. From our experience, we’ve seen these to be placed at the peaks of mountain trails, historically significant areas, etc. While in other areas, they are overproduced and not interesting at all, similar to the one shown below. Now, if there is an interesting or historical story to the survey marker, by all means nominate it and make sure to add that to the title, description, and/or the supporting information. This one in particular didn’t have that and seemed to be the size of a coin along the ledge of the street without pedestrian access. 

    So make sure what you submit isn't generic or mass produced.

    The picture Niantic provide was an example, and the wording above said "similar to the one shown below" - so it doesn't exclude all the generic ones you may see.

    There have been plenty of discussions on this in the past.

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    Yeah, I think you need to change your mind set on POI being "special" or "unique." A POI really just needs to meet one of Niantic's main tenets to Explore, Exercise or Be Social. Plenty of things meet one or more of those criteria while being kinda common. But the function accomplishes the desired outcome.

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