Contested a pokestop

So 1 month ago i posted a pokestop nomination and it got declined, and i contested, ant till now i didnt get any type of response

Do i wait or make a new one and upgrade, i have upedates in my profile and i think i dont go use them.

If you could give me an advice i would be grateful


  • Vboy99-PGOVboy99-PGO Posts: 65 ✭✭

    Firstly, you have to check on why the nomination is being rejected. If you have good reasons that your nomination is incorrectly / falsely reviewed, and you're absolutely confident that the nomination will be approved under different circumstances, you can choose either to appeal, or to resubmit another same nomination.

    If I get it right, when you submit another same nomination, the old rejected nomination still remain in your Contribution list. This can cause the system to flag you out, when your rejected nomination count is higher than your accepted nomination count. You might received penalty (I'm not sure under what form) from that.

    When you submit an appeal for a rejected nomination, the current waiting time frame (in order for Niantic to review your appeal) is approximately between 4 to 7 months' time. Under certain circumstances, it might take a longer period, or a shorter period. Between your appeals, you need to wait for 30 days to be able to submit the next appeal.

    Tip: try to include useful information under the field Additional Information. This helps the reviewers to acquire enough information to rate your nominations. For example, the importance / historical / cultural significant of your nomination, as well as the accurate location descriptions (the Waypoint drop pin can be sometimes inaccurate, cause we when we place it, only top view is available).

    Hope this helps :D

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