Location Edit: BotBS bridge

Title of the Wayspot: Bridge across a stream at Birds on the Brink Parrot Sanctuary

Location: 33.41609,-82.286847

City: Harlem, Ga

Country: USA

Suggested location: 33.4160530, -82.2868020

I visited this area recently and noticed the location of this waypoint is incorrect.

I have attached an overhead and photograph of the area with arrows to tie the items together. The current location Is right at the edge of the roof for the science center. The correct location Is east of the science center and just a bit south of the one of the interactive exhibits that has a corrugated steel roof. The waypoint photo even shows the science center in the background for more evidence that the location is incorrect. I do not have the ability to edit the location of this waypoint in-game, despite it being incorrect. Thank you for your consideration.

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