The water tower turned private home

Hello! 😊

We have a water tower from 1927 in the suburb of Viby, Aarhus (Denmark), that has been turned into a private home (single-family). The water tower is a live Wayspot and I know that it has been reported 'invalid - private residence' a number of times, but not surprisingly, the reports were rejected. Nobody really thinks this could be a private home, since it is quite a curious location for that. 😅

Nevertheless, it now is a private home. Please see this article for confirmation:

Google Translate is probably necessary. But also please see Google Streetview for the location, which shows the driveway for the house, the mailbox etc.

Name of the Wayspot: Vandtårnet ved Terp Skovvej/Stenhøjsvej

Location: 56.126061,10.179708

If further information or elaboration is needed, please don't hesitate to ask. 🙂 But this Wayspot is now 100% a private home and should be removed as a Wayspot, as intended in the rules and guidelines for Wayfarer.

Thank you in advance.


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