Invalid Wayspot Appeals - Bayraklar Portal

Hello to everyone;

It was opened with the help of students studying in the school in the Istanbul region; but there is a portal that is no longer valid under today's conditions. The reason why this portal is not valid is primarily due to the fact that the area where the portal is located is in the state's protection zone. The school administration is in lawsuit with the state and this process is still ongoing. Despite this, the school administration has made some structures to claim the land and the students have opened a portal to help those who play ingress. Currently, the portal cannot be accessed in any way because both roads through the school are locked. only one player has access but no one sees him near the portal. The main point here is that this portal has been tortured by resistance players for years due to the inaccessibility of this portal. The keys to this portal have been handed out to everyone, including the players who have just started the game, and the entire map has been blocked. All players who already have keys have hundreds of keys.

It is not a portal that is accessed seasonally, subject to special permission, and accessed through certain methods. It is completely closed to access and if it is entered, it is considered a crime.

Worse yet, due to the current status of the portal, a large number of cheating accounts appear and mess up the game's justice system.

For this reason, we demand that the portal be closed. It is very unfair for the game and the players that a single portal exists in the game in this way and that it is still not closed because only a single player accesses it without knowing under what conditions.

The necessary photos and screenshots about the region are below. We look forward to a fair review and a positive outcome.
As the Istanbul resistance team, we would like to thank you.,29.151607&z=17&pll=40.96937,29.151464 (portal link)



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