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Connected with wrong account and can't fix

Hello, I'm in trouble about that my father can't connect wayfare properly with his Google account. It is connected with my account now.

I reached level.37 and tried to disconnect my Google/facebook account from my father's login display by I logout. But I couldn't. It's automatically show my account page when I try to put his proper Google account informations from below display, even though I logout from it.

Could you please tell me how can we solve about this?

Why it happened? :

1, My father wanted to build a PokeStop but he thought he don't have his google account, and my mother said to him “Don't make that kind of weird thing!“ Btw, they are old people so saying weird things, I know.

2, I lend him my account but I intended it will be temporarily. I was lazy to check and make about his Google account then but I regret it now.

3, Maybe his PokemonGo account and my Google account was connected at the point, so I can't sign up/resister with his proper Google account with his phone for him now.

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