Perfect nomination rejected

I'm going to take a different approach this time: for the first time, I'm asking for your wisdom in this matter, instead of getting angry and frustrated, so please, help me out here.

I'm having trouble with business-related nominations being rejected specifically. Trail markers are accepted without question (even though... Let's say: my GPS tends to drift near borders of S2L17 cells), while the quality stuff gets rejected. Here's an example [with translation]:


Stal 13

[Stable 13 (reference to the adress)]

Rejection Criteria:

Other Rejection Criteria, Private Residence or Farm



De oude stal van "Boer Dekker", die hier in 1931 zijn veehouderij begin. Het grasveld in de Verlengde van Steenbergenlaan was zijn varkenswei. De stal recent verbouwd tot accountantsbureau, waarbij het authentieke karakter van de stal behouden is.

["Farmer Dekker" his old/former stable, who started here his livestock farm in 1931. The park in the "Verlengde van Steenbergenlaan" (street name) was his **** pen. The stable has recently been renovated into a accountants office, with the original aesthetics preserved.]

Supplemental Information:

Hyperlocal historic building. Description based on Boer Dekker's son, family friend (who died recently). Building is historic, thus eligible, as well as the local non-franchise business based there nowadays, according to recent guidelines.

[It is common to see supporting information in English, as lingua franca, because the diversity of languages. Go 150+km in any direction, and the language is incomprehensible from where you started. Reviewers are often from 200-1000km away.]

I already see some improvements I could make, sure enough. I did even better ones. But what am I missing here? Why is every local business rejected? And no, of course it's not a single family residence's private property! It's a accountants office! So please, guide me! What's wrong with this one?


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    The question that I have is why exactly is this building important - why might I walk across town to look at this?

    Is there a website - government or history society that confirms why this is special. Just being 100 years old does not make it special.

    I don’t see the point of word hyperlocal.

    I would leave out references to a family friend - it sounds as though you have a personal reason to get this approved.

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    I agree with your third and fourth point. That's indeed what I meant with "I already (...), sure enough."

    What I meant with "hyper local" is the "hidden gem" idea. At most, half the locals have an idea what it is, and only a few have been there, and that leaves me flabbergasted. It's so beautiful, on the inside, and outside! More people should see it.

    That leaves us with the first and second remark:

    Here's an article about it from the local newspaper:

    And an article where they won a major prize as most beautiful building in the area:

    Would that be enough? Should I just drop it at the bottom of the supporting info, like "Sources: "? And what if there aren't sources like that?

    And what about it's marked PrP? Even Google Maps says it's a business. Or is it an excuse, just to give 1*? I get it, sometimes one might think "that's off, it shouldn't be a wayspot, but technically, it is eligible."

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    It would be better to verify whether a person who does not know the object at all can understand its value.

    Even if locals know its value, others may not.

    When I nominate, I am conscious of "having people who have never seen the object understand its value."

    It is the basis of a well-communicated presentation.

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    But in the state it was in, surely you people would rate this at least 3*? You wouldn't reject it... Would you? 😬

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    All the points above plus

    The pictures in the article are brighter and you can see more details. So a better picture would do no harm.

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    Thank you all for bearing with me! You all had some great points, I think I can make quite a few of those work! I'm going to submit again, rather than appealing. Next time, I'll try to write something beforehand, so I can be more mindful of your advice.

    Also, I found myself in the neighborhood today, visited, and met the owner. Of course, asked permission, and after I mentioned knowing old farmer Dekker's son, he became enthusiastic and showed me every nook and cranny, and it looks way better on the inside than the outside!

    @Elijustrying-ING I took new photos, and though I really dislike editing, a really subtle touch-up (without distorting reality to much) might indeed make it pop. I'll consider that.

    And if you ever find yourself in Terneuzen, lemme know. I'll nominate the best place for a cold one (😉), this (future) wayspot is worth a detour👍🏻

    @82quuu-PGO I'm not a well-communicated person. I need too many words to express a single thought for example. It is my Achilles heel. So, that's good advice, being mindful of another's perspective.

    @Purptacular-PGO I'm not sure if changing the title is the best way to go. It already has a name, who am I to change that?

    And both yes and no, I'm nominating the building, and the accountants office, as it's part of the building. It's an award winning design! That's interesting! Worth exploring! If it wasn't for those accountants with their modernist ideals, it would still be a 100yo unused stable.

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    Reviewers are easily confused 🤪

    It is better to present one thing well than try to cram in different things…..I often have to re edit to remove distractions and keep a description focussed.

    The value of this building is the building not the accounts. If you talk about the accountants some may think are they saying this business is why we should consider it.

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    Alas, rejected. Again! 😖

    Any tips on appeal the appeal text? Evidence that it is indeed NOT pr.p, like a link to a photo of the inside, maybe?

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    For appeal I would suggest to focus on addressing rejection reasons.

    So tackle the private property first. So links that demonstrate this is now a business premises.

    Then links and explanation of its distinctiveness

    clearly state which criteria it meets - exploration and why this would be a good place to find on your exploration.

    Good Luck

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    @dman41689-PGO it was an old horse stable with **** pen connected to it, from the mid '30s. It's been renovated into an amazingly beautiful office combining the old features and modern design.

    The one thing that is not perfect about the building is the acoustics, it sounds like a swimming pool in there. But that's irrelevant to it's value as historic building or as a wayspot, it's just annoying for the employees.

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    Is it on a tour guide site? Your town's history web page? Does you visitors' center hand out information about it? In other words: If someone is visiting your town, why would they go there? To explore... what and why?

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    If you lovely people could aid me one more time with this, that would be great! How is this for an appeal? Convincing enough? (I'm actually the stand-in tour guide for when my colleague is on vacation, or or calls in sick, but still a tour guide nonetheless)

    - my motives are pure, I have nothing to gain but pride for this being accepted. I'm also not associated with the business

    - no rejection criteria hold true, not even private residence/farm, as can be seen on photos on their Facebook page , and on their website .

    - it meets acceptance criteria, as it is an interesting building, with prize winning architecture, and great to explore

    - as member (and city tour guide) of the local historic society , I think I have enough authority on the matter to say it really is interesting

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    Lovely though the first sentence you are not taking the reviewers on a tour guide. Think about the person reading it. They have huge stack to get through they just want the facts. If there is too much in way they might not read them.

    meets interesting place to explore.

    rejection reason

    • PRP …..This is now used as a business premises - Facebook link

    Other criteria. The architecture has won prizes - link to evidence. Listed on local history website ( give link) as of historic and public interest.

    If there are more specific reasons that need to be emphasised say so with links.

    Keep out the part that you belong to that group and are an authority on such matters - everyone could say this.

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    Yeah, I know, I get your point. And do pity the poor sods who take the tour, I know everything about anything, and love talking about them without regard for main subjects or footnotes (my 20 min tour always can up to 45 minutes, some love it, others just walk away. I can't blame them). That's just my autistic quirk, that's why I asked for help.

    I'm also a bit hesitant to quote from/link to sources on local history, because more often than not, I (co-)wrote the stuff. It just feels wrong.

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    Ah 🤬. Tried to find it back on the local history circle website, but the article is gone since the website was updated, earlier this year. So I left it out. At least it's more to the point now:

    Meets criteria:

    - interesting place to explore:

    • The architecture has won prizes:

    • historically significant

    Rejection reason invalid:

    - PRP: This is now used as a business premises.

    For photos:

    Main website:

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    Good Luck let us know in 6 months or so

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