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Daycares attached to other buildings

Good <Insert Local Time of Day or Night> my fellow wayfarers,

There has been some discussion in our local community about the validity of a waypoint which recently changed from a stop to a gym in Pokemon Go (the stop had been in the game for years, probably since Ingress). The point in question is the signboard on the street for the church below:

Until a few weeks ago, Google Maps listed a daycare (Centre de la petite enfance) as being next door, in an unrelated condo building. However, I noticed on Street View that it is actually behind this church and updated Google Maps as such.

I hadn't thought much of it, but it caught the notice of another member of the community, who pointed out that this would put the new gym (the church) on the grounds of a daycare and make it ineligible.

In red is roughly the former location of the daycare on Google. In yellow (because it is almost always controlled by Instinct) is the location of the gym and at the top is the daycare.

My question is twofold:

1) Would the signboard still be an eligible waypoint at this distance from the daycare?

2) Would the church itself be an appropriate waypoint? As you can see, the daycare is distinct in its architecture and location, and its facilities are behind a fence and around the corner behind the church.

I thank you very much for your feedback, and beg your forgiveness for being overly wordy and naive.


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