sculptures on the edge of a residential property

In my neighborhood there is a series of sculptures on people's lawns, they are clearly intended for public appreciation -- each one includes a small plaque with information about the artist and sculpture. You can easily read the plaque and see the sculpture from the sidewalk, however they are technically on private property. Can I nominate these sculptures?


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    You might need to provide more information. In my city, at least, the city would not install objects on people's private residential property, so it sounds more like you may be dealing with an easement or other defined strıp of land owned by the city. Or if it is not single family property, such as an apartment or certain condo situations, it may be fine.

    But if it is undoubtedly on or would encourage trespassing onto single family private residential property it is strictly ineligible.

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    Bez muzgie ludzie. Takim tropem to wszystkie kamienice w Krakowie, Wiedniu Rzymie itd. trzeba by usunąć bo to własność prywatna. Tacy ludzie powinni mieć zakaz głosowania.

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    They are installed on people's fenced lawn areas, right against the sidewalk. The intention is to admire the sculpture and read the signs from the sidewalk, you don't need to trespass at all but you do have to stop in front of someone's private property. Presumably they welcome this since they paid to have the sculpture installed, but it sounds like it will still fail wayfarer requirements

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    They're technically still on the PRP. Some people don't want a group of random people gather in front of their lawn just because that group are raiding Ultra Beasts.

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    Of course you can nominate them.... but expect them to be rejected.

    The rule is "No Private Single-Residence Property" however Niantic doesn't fully describe that and does leave it to the community a little to apply their own local laws and voting standards.

    I know of similiar that happen in a city, but on the city side between Street and Sidewalk. I remember reading stories that these were city installed artwork approved and purchased by city council to beautify city and I've seen the in game. Now in those cases, they did make it into database.

    However, yours sounds like Private homeowner owns the art and its on their private prop and wouldnt.

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    People gathering there all hours of the day and night - would disturb the homeowners. People parking their cars all around there, including blocking driveways - would disturb the homeowers.

    Niantic already settled a class-action lawsuit from homeowners, by promising never to do those things again.

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