Approved wayspot not appearing in Pokemon

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I am really annoyed by this and wonder if it is possible to get anything done about this. I play Pokenmon Go but not Ingress - did not know it existed until I read a few discussions here.

I recently had a wayspot approved uploaded from Pokemon - it is even the current "featured Wayspot" on Wayfarer page - the Steampunk Sculpture, but it does not appear on the Pokemon Map when I go back to the area. I have since had a 2nd wayspot approved nearby - Tully Skate park and it appeared almost immediately, but was not submitted for review until at lease 1 week after the Steampunk Sculpture was approved. The steampunk sculpture does however seem to be available in Ingress. BTW there was nothing else at the location - there are some Pokestops across some grass then a road, but I have often found multiple pokestops within a few meters of each other - there is a triangle of pokestops nearby that all would appear to be no more than 10 meters apart.

How is this even fair - a wayspot uploaded from a Pokemon account surely should be made available to Pokemon players - or am I missing something?

Does anyone know if it is possible to get a wayspot submitted by a Pokemon player added to Pokemon as well as Ingress?


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