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Many of my submissions got rejected with wrong and untrue reasons. In the notices-mail you write i can submit them to you once. But if i click the link then i just land at the Home-page here...

I live in a turbocell and am the only one here who hasn't given up.

When i appeal everything in my profile then i won't be done in years.


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    Hello and welcome @rpg4e-PGO

    it sounds as though you have a lot of rejections and that the reasons don’t make sense.

    it is a common problem. It is best not to worry about them individually and try and focus on why reviewers overall didn’t find them acceptable.

    could you post 2 or 3 in full - both photos and the title/description and supplementary information.

    People can then give their opinions which should help.

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    @rpg4e-PGO If one of the reasons is "Other rejection criteria" it usually means that reviewers didn't think your submission met any of the criteria for acceptance. Niantic does a pretty bad job of communicating criteria to people who are new to submitting/reviewing and that leads to a lot of frustration from people whose submissions get rejected. It's easy to fall into the trap of basing your understanding of the criteria on the things you see in the games currently but that doesn't work-- the criteria have changed a lot over the last decade, and sometimes things get approved that shouldn't. It's also easy to fall into the trap of thinking, "I want a stop here so I'll find something and submit it", rather than thinking about the basic wayspot criteria.

    My advice would be to read Niantic's guidelines for good and bad wayspots and think about the things you submitted to see how well they fit. I also second the recommendation to post your failed submissions so people can give feedback.

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    For example, your Supporting Information could start with "This is a great place for" and then one of these three words: exploring, socializing, exercising. https://wayfarer.nianticlabs.com/new/criteria/eligibility Then explain why it meets that criteria. (It can meet more than one, of course.)

    If it doesn't meet any of those three criteria, find something else to submit.

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    Example: This always get's marked as duplicated:

    I submitted Hohenthurm's knight's hall several times. each time it is rejected as a duplicate. the reviewers apparently think that the castle and the knight's hall are one and the same building, but they are 2 different buildings. In addition, the waypoint "Schloss Hohenthurm" (Castle Hohenthurm) is a fake, I have also reported this several times. Evidence of this can also be found on the website of the local home club www.hohenthurm.com. I always give this information to the reviewers but they don't seem to read it.

    Please finally delete the Wayspot "Schloss Hohenthurm" because it's fake and finally accept the "Rittersaal Hohenthurm" (Knights Hall Hohenthurm)

    Framed on the screenshots:

    -in red, the "Schloss Hohenthurm" (castle Hohenthurm) (photo and waypoint in ingress are fake, it shows the Martin-luther-church and our eponymous high tower, both of which are much further to the east, see aerial photos / maps )

    -in green, the "Rittersaal Hohenthurm" (Knights' Hall of Hohenthurm)

    The last is photo was done from this coordinates: 51,5219396, 12,0973370.

    There you can see the Arena of the war memorial too ( https://maps.app.goo.gl/fMtACVBHLjHAcLU56 )

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    To German folks: are bot rejections still a thing?

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    There is definitely something not right here and it seems to have become confused and needs unpicking.

    So your photo is here and is the same building as the other photo. As it is clearly the same it will keep being marked duplicate.

    so what I have marked as 1 is roughly where the photo is taken from. From this satellite view the roof line matches your photo. But it is also difficult to distinguish it as a separate building as it is all tied in (red arrows)

    From what I can tell from a quick look at the website about the village there is a knights hall that was part of the castle. It would take longer to establish the actual status of the castle - it looks like it is there as separate part., but not quick to establish. If the knights Hall is the part in the photo then the pin needs moving as it’s not in correct location. If that other building is the castle then it needs its own way spot in the correct location.

    It is peculiar that the distinctive tower part of the church does not have a specific wayspot, but I can’t see any photos of the church or tower as a wayspot.

    So I think this mess needs sorting out. Maybe one of the Niantic staff can help as the edit system won’t work

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    Sorry I modified 1 letter and it’s gone to moderation 🙄

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    Yes, the first time when i suggested this spot then i thought it's the castle. That is why they rejected it the furst time. After some research i was told about the portal in ingress. This portal Shows a fake picture, as written above and as you can see by the picture or by the coordinates.

    I went to our home-club and they told me that the castle is the building marked in red. The Knights hall was build much later. The castle isn't accessable for people - it's not public - There is no access to it and the heirs of the former owners have been sought for over 50 years by the village.

    I reported the castle because this portal is not by the rules: -private ground, -no access, -fake picture.

    But Niantic rejected my report today.

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    So what can i do about it?

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    The portal "Schloss Hohenthurm" coords: 51.52211,12.095182, is not by the rules: -not accessable, -private ground, -fake picture.

    The picture was stolen from this coords as you can see in sateliteview:



    51.5222999, 12.0967258

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    @rpg4e-PGO Is the castle a private residence, meaning a single-family home? If so then it doesn't qualify.

    If not, is it physically accessible to anyone? Presumably someone can walk up and touch it be it maintenance staff, someone who works there, etc. Wayspots don't have to be open to everyone... only some members of the public need to have safe pedestrian access.

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    edited February 2023

    @Hosette-ING The owner can't get find by the village since WW2...

    No one has access. It cannot be reached either physically or by road. Access to the building would only be via the courtyard, which is also permanently locked. no one is allowed in there. Therefore, a fake photo was probably used.

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    Komm doch mal in die große deutsche TG Gruppe oder DC Wayfarerdach

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    I think the question around ownership and access makes this very tricky - and I would seek advice has to how German reviewers would regard this aspect. Forgive me if I haven’t got this clear but as it is part of the same enclosure I presume the knights hall has the same access issue.

    From what I can see there is a mix up rather than what I would call fake.

    The wayspot named Castle on the wayfarer app only shows photos of what you describe as the knights hall. (See photo in previous message) So the title needs to reflect that. Pin needs to be moved to be on that part of building. Since you can’t enter the courtyard then I would think somewhere on the external face would make sense.

    There could then be a separate submission of the castle building as you have identified it with a clear photo and pin position.

    There is nothing I can see on the wayfarer app that is the church or the tower itself. So these could be submitted.

    if the edit of the Castle title and pin position will put this right then tag NianticAaron or NianticLC to ask for help.

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    edited February 2023

    Here i posted more information about that.


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    I will keep posting in this thread

    you said that the image showing for the castle ingress was from Wikipedia.

    If it is, it’s not obvious.

    These are the 2 pictures in the database. I’ve marked the one on left as that seems to be ingress default. Is the other one yours?

    This is Wikipedia page

    None of these matches what is in Lightship.

    They are both clearly of the knights Hall as you describe it. So if the title was changed to knights hall then it would match pictures. The pin position should also be changed.

    There are references to the castle complex being used as a plant breeding institute by a university - I take it that has stopped but seems to indicate that access may be ok.

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    What is lightship??

    This is not the Picture that is used in ingress! This is the knights hall and yes, it was used by a university. It is not the castle! The one to the right is from my first suggestion. I thought this is the castle too... But i was wrong and researched this in our official home club after i was informed about the ingress portal. This wikipage seems new to me, it looks updated and i've read it now - it is full of errors and wrong informations.

    This picture of the castle is from our home-club. It shows the castle. This picture is the last one that can be found by the Public because after that WW2 started. Since then Nobody can access it!!!!! It is a scan.

    My family lives here in this village than more than 1000 years. I am part if our home-club!! We have the full chronicles of our village.

    This picture is used in ingress:

    And this picture was public on Wikipedia too. Also it is shown in google maps too when you click the castle.

    1= Our landmark, the High Tower ( 51.5222876, 12.0966272 )

    2= The Martin Luther Church ( 51.5223654, 12.0966467 )

    3= entrance gate to the courtyard with coat of arms ( 51.522525,12.095284, from Intel )

    4= The castle "Schloss Hohenthurm" ( 51.52211,12.095182, from Intel )

    5= The Knights' Hall ( 51.5219150, 12.0951993 )

    6= horse stables and chambers of the former court servants ( 51.5218589, 12.0959432 )

    I really don't know what i can tell else...

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    Tipps,Tricks, Einreichung Improvement, da kennt man sich halt speziel für den Deutschen Raum gut aus. War nur ne Iddee, musst ja nicht ;)

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    Lightship is the name of the database which holds all wayspots and is what the games then draw on for what they will take into the game. It should contain all the information such as photos. I know there have been issues with photos not updating across the apps.

    I can only think that’s why you are seeing one thing and I’m seeing something else …

    Unless someone else can figure it out.

    i don’t think anyone has set out to make a fake wayspot. Without your specific knowledge it could be an easy mistake to make since it is all part of the same enclosure. So if editing that is needed to make it accurate.

    have you liked your photo to try and make the primary.

    Sorry I think I’ve reached the limit of what I can unpick.

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    zoom in and you can read in German on the signs "Private property. Trespassing prohibited!". The top picture is from position 3, the bottom one is from position 5. No one gets on the premises unless you break in!

    Heirs of the owners have been sought since 1945! There have already been Ingress players who illegally gained access there!

    At least exchange the picture of the castle with the following bottom and last official picture and clean this Lightship database so that we can suggest the knight's hall and it doesn't get marked as a duplicate of the castle again and again! Thanks.

    Last official photo of the castle:


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    Are you asking LC for your rejected nominations or the inaccessible Portal?

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