Appeal of Appeal #村中の湯 たゆたゆ

Title of the Wayspot: 村中の湯 たゆたゆ

Location: 33.078056 , 131.155747

City: Minamioguni Town, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture

Country: Japan

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

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Additional information:

Title: Muranaka-no-yu "Tayu-tayu"


The baths at "Miyama Sanso (深山山荘)", a luxury ryokan in Kurokawa Hot springs. There is a luxurious 

Japanese cypress bath (indoor bath) and an open-air bath, and you can take a day trip to the baths with a "Nyuto Tegata (bathing bill)". The spring water is a simple sulfur hot spring with a sulfur smell.

Supplemental Information:

This bath is located in "Miyama Sanso", a luxury ryokan in Kurokawa Hot Springs. In addition to bathing available to those who are not staying at the ryokan, visitors can enter the baths by using the bath tour (one-day trip) including a bath bill, and those who stay at the sister ryokan "Yama no Yado Shinmeikan" or "Yamamizuki" can enter the baths for free by showing your receipt after check-out. I stayed at "Yama no Yado Shinmeikan" so I used the latter method, and the luxurious Japanese cypress bath and open-air bath were very pleasant. In addition, it is one of the most popular hot springs for yumen tours. I often visit hot springs because I like hot springs, and I confirm that many communal bathhouses, public bathhouses, and hot springs with a long history have become Wayspot as places that bring out the charm of the area and create a community where people can gather. *Please check here if you cannot see the street view on the screening screen. (

Appeals and Additional Informations:

This ryokan, and bath, is not a typical business as stated in the reasons for rejection of the appeal. Kurokawa Hot Springs is known for its open-air bath tours using "入湯手形 (bath bills)", and the ryokan are guest rooms and the open-air baths are bathrooms, and the town is characterized by its elegant atmosphere, with the hot spring resort considered as a single ryokan. This bathhouse will be one of the open-air baths and bathhouses that comprise it, and is the great place to explore the city's landscape and history.


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