Wayspot with no information nor image

Title of the Wayspot: Azurém

Location: 41.45461170571634, -8.296677477931928

City: Guimarães

Country: Portugal

Photos to support your claim:

Above there are two screenshot of the current wayspot in Pokemon Go. This wayspot only appears in Pokemon GO and not in Ingress. The Title "Azurém" a civil parish in the municipality of Guimarães, and the location is in fact an accessible public soccer and basketball field as one can see in Google Maps:

However the title just states the parish name and the description and photo lacks any information.

My proposal:

First I propose the title to be changed to "Campo de Jogos de Azurém", which translates to: "Azurém's Games Field", since it's not just a soccer field but also a basketball field so it covers both. And in fact in Portugal we just call these places "Campo de Jogos" meaning "Games Field" and not just "Soccer Field" in this case.

Also I would like to propose the image to be one of following, I take these yesterday, because there was no one there playing, but just so you can check that is the same place, please visit this page:


It is the municipality page and on the top right corner you have the same field but with people playing.

The pictures I take:

Finally another change that should be made is that the location of the Wayspot is in the middle of the field, and I remember reading something that states that the location should be in an accessible spot. For Pokemon Go really not a problem (larger interaction radius) but for Ingress and other games it might be.

Screenshot of the game map showing the location of the wayspot:

So I propose to change the pin to 41.4548658176029, -8.296686391307873

That's the green arrow in the picture below. As you can see is near those stairs that are in fact the entrance to the public place, and that way it don't obstruct any activity, because is not in the middle of the field :D

If you need more information please contact me.

Best regards



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