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Wayfarer page becomes very slow and locks up in Firefox browser. Map slow to load and populate.

tehstone-INGtehstone-ING Posts: 1,125 Ambassador

I recently started noticing this issue on my PC while reviewing, after completing a handful of reviews the page would start to slow down until eventually it reaches essentially a locked state where nothing works. The issue is more pronounced when reviewing on Mobile and can happen in as few as 3 reviews.

The issue is specific to the Firefox browser and does not happen at all in Chrome.

For the record, I typically review with several add-on scripts via Tampermonkey. This problem occurs even when Tampermonkey is completely disabled and still occurs after clearing my plugin cache.

Additionally and possibly related, I have observed that while this is happening the map on the review page will sometimes not load at all, and other times will have only the background tiles loaded and none of the nearby markers or other information.

At least a half dozen other folks have mentioned this issue and particularly on mobile it is "game breaking" to the point where we simply won't review at all.

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