December AMA - 2022

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Hello Explorers,

We’re very excited to bring you the last AMA of 2022, hosted by the Wayfarer Team. The December AMA will start on 11/28/2022 (TODAY!) at 12:00pm PST and end on 12/16/2022 at 11:59pm PST! Similar to our last AMA, this is the time for you to ask your most pressing questions about Wayfarer, Wayfarer App, and vote on the questions you want answered. Once voting is done, we will select the top 15 questions and respond to them.

There will be a question submission period and a voting period, however if you wish to vote early, that’s fine too. We recommend you wait until the voting period starts so that you get to read all the questions before deciding which ones you like the most. Additionally, you can vote for as many questions as you want (keep in mind there’s only one vote per question). Check out the date below for a better idea of the December AMA timeline.  

  • Question Submission Period: 11/28/22 12:00pm PST - 12/4/22 11:59pm PST
  • Voting Period: 12/5/22 - 12/10/22
  • Responses Posted: 12/16/22

The process for this will be similar to the April AMA. There will be a new Category in the Community titled December AMA - 2022 (opens at 12:00pm PST) where you’ll be able to ask your question(s) by using the "Report a Bug" function (this is a forum limitation, please disregard). Since the Title can only be so long, add the topic of your question in the title. If you have a similar question or an addition to the question, please make sure you go into the discussion and add to it there. 

When it comes to voting, you’ll be able to vote for the question(s) that you want answered. Keep in mind you’ll only be able to cast one vote per question and make sure your main vote is for the main question and not any questions within the discussion. This will ensure that your vote is counted when we look for the top 15 questions. You can, however, vote within the discussion if an extension of the original question is posted and you would like it to be incorporated as an extension of the same question.

We’re looking forward to all of the questions and let me know if you have any questions in the discussion HERE.



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