What's the timeline for fixing Wayfarer's growing list of bugs?

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When can we expect the Wayfarer team to do a "bug bash" type of event to clear up some of the long standing issues that Wayfinders have reported? This is a common practice for development teams to catch up on bug fixes without taking so much time away from the regular development process and the Wayfarer experience could certainly benefit from it.

Here's a recap of the current bugs the community is tracking:

- "jump to streetview" bug

- nearby "check for duplicates" often does not fully populate, misses some number of nearby wayspots

- the issue that causes severe page slowdowns when reviewing in Firefox

- Reviewers will not receive edit reviews from their selected Home and Bonus locations despite a help page indicating they will

- the missing items in the "what is it selector": basically everything under the garden subcategory (possibly others?)

- nominations currently in voting can not be selected for "upgrade next"

- nominations in voting cannot be withdrawn

- language filter has a lot of "false positives" as well as actually inappropriate words that are allowed, also has issues with non-english words

- the Wayfarer access test does not work in (some/all?) non-English languages

- emails for edits reference a contributions list that doesn't exist

- deleting a game account breaks all access to wayfarer

- rejections from Niantic review have no rejection reasons

- more than 2 rejection reasons per nomination, 2 displayed at random on each page refresh

- support chat clears at times with no way to see the result or history of tickets

- "what is it" prompt indicates just 1 item should be chosen but ideally all applicable items should be selected

- sometimes upgrades get completely stuck. (the norm for upgrades in the US is 2-4 hours in voting but some will languish for weeks)

- When a player drops to 0 available nominations in Ingress or Pokemon Go, occasionally they will not receive 1 on the first day (possibly not a wayfarer issue but affects both games)

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