Better consequences for abusers (still needed, nothing changed since April)

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Currently, abusers are getting a warning (no consequence) or a 30-90 days Wayfarer Website ban. This ban only affects the usage of the webpage, not in submitting. Obviously, abusers in a high prioritization area don't need to review, and even if they do, that will help the community. The only right consequence is to block nominating or editing.

Is it possible to finally make warnings/Bans useful?

This was the text I posted in April.

Sadly, nothing has changed ever since then.

Abusers are still mostly unharmed by their actions.

So I have to repost.

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    Another perinneal question. Here's what I found on it from the past. (Please add what I missed.)

    Sept 2021

    Q4: What is the abuse team doing to combat the abuse that plagues Wayfarer and what is being done to prevent recidivism among repeat offenders?

    A4: As we have mentioned before, the new abuse reporting system is not purposed to solve the abuse issue, it is purposed to solve the abuse reporting management system. We agree that this is a serious issue across all of our games, and the Wayfarer team is working with our Trust & Safety team to strategize on a multi-pronged approach that looks upstream (prevention policy and actions) as well as downstream (policing policy and actions). Thank you for caring so much about this. We will share this feedback with the game teams too.

    Q14: more Explorers have been receiving emails about their nomination and editing behavior in regards to Wayfarer. Typically, the wider Wayfarer Community views these as “warns” or “strikes” on their account. Typically, these emails are vague and inaccurate, and additional details on which edit(s), or nomination(s) were flagged as abuse per Niantic were not made available, with no appeal process. Are there any plans on the roadmap to add more transparency to this process?

    A14: As mentioned in the community by @NianticDanbocat, we are looking into the email system/process and are making updates to it. We hope this will help alleviate some of the stresses. @NianticDanbocat will discuss this experience with the team. Agree that it should be as informative as possible. It would be useful to get examples of why you feel it is inaccurate, though.

    February 2018

    Q37: In a previous AMA you stated that NIA was working on the faction-bias in OPR. Has something changed since the release of OPR? Is something expected SOON(TM)?

    A37: The OPR team says that it is on the development roadmap and they hope to have a solution in the next few months. So yes… soon™.

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    In my opinion goes to the Nominator and the Reviewer.

    Upgrade, Fast Track Appeal, new Wayfarer Rating Category and Appeal should be used as carrot sticks.

    Accept: Should have a weight and count towards an Upgrade, Fast Track Appeal, new Wayfarer Rating Category and Appeal.

    Reject: Only if the majority agrees with you, should you get full marks towards the Upgrade, Fast Track Appeal, new Wayfarer Rating Category and Appeal.

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