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Big question here, since VPS was supposed to be released globally in October, we have seen zero content in either Ingress or Pokémon GO.

The Wayfarer App shows hundreds of thousands of activated VPS wayspots worldwide.

What is the hold up here getting the games to use those VPS wayspots?

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  • Grogyan-INGGrogyan-ING Posts: 97 ✭✭✭

    Both Ingress and Pokémon GO have the content ready to go.

    But for some unknown reason those games say " we need more scans".

    Players day we've scanned, and stopped because nothing is being added to their game.

    Ingress and pogo blame the lack of VPS enabled spots, which is not entirely true.

    Wayfarer team says, it is up to the games to implement content.

    We're at an impasse, between what what is being said across various products, and players who have given up because no product team is giving them reason to scan.

    Some weeks ago, even the Lightship dev team were saying that they need to add more stuff to the VPS system ARDK.

    There is just no clarity here. A lot of confusion. And unhappy player's

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