Why isn't there a news section on the Wayfarer Website to post news, events, & criteria changes?

The main source of Wayfarer information, news, updates, events, contests, and criteria clarifications are being published exclusively on the Wayfarer Forum and occasionally Twitter. Unfortunately, not everyone knows of this forum or has access to Twitter. This is extremely limiting the audience and engagement of your posts within the Wayfarer Community. Why isn't the Wayfarer team utilizing the one place where all reviewers will visit -- The Wayfarer Website? It seems it would be more useful to have a news section on the splash page instead of the Showcase. Reviewers need to be kept up to date on criteria clarifications, AMAs, events, contests, and changes to the Wayfarer website. Many reviewers don't know what's going on and depend on more knowledgable reviewers to tell them because that information is not easily accessible to them. This shouldn't be the situation. The Wayfarer Website needs a news section that gets updated frequently.

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