What is the point of criteria if Niantic keeps Schrödinger Wayspots in their Lightship database?

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Firstly I would give appreciation to @Robert4444-ING for defining Schrödinger Wayspots:

And what's so bad with them? They can't be removed unless one day they'll meet one of removal criteria. And because they'll remain in Lightship database which will be appeared in each games' map, users would think that they're eligible and so they'll keep nominating any similiar objects over and over (just like what I've stated in another threads).

Some prime examples can be found throughout this forum, including Foursquare imported Wayspots, residential housing welcome or name signs, state survey marks in Australia, chain stores in Japan (after Niantic removed generic business reason from rejection criteria) as well in Manado, Indonesia (as seen in one of my thread). Other examples are Wayspots within private or restricted area that require direct report from the owners or directors..., that's if most of them ever know the form exist.

To Niantic, would you like to keep the users by littering Lightship database with Schrödinger Wayspots? Or, would you like to overhaul removal criteria so that someday these Wayspots can be removed from the database?

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